Hello Joanne here,

Here is a special feature blog from my good friend Peter Temple of 4 Pillars. 4 Pillars is a consumer proposal agency helping people with unmanageable debt. His blog is on how to cut household cost. He lists some very simple strategies that can make a difference in your monthly household budget.


This is an old saying that is often ignored and warrants some reflection. By taking the time to review all your monthly expenses, whether they be personal or business, you could save $100′s if not $1000′s per month not only on one occasion but for years to come.

Household Budget and What to Do

Think of how valuable your personal time is and then consider the impact of these potential savings. For example a family of 4 may be able to reduce their monthly grocery bill by $200 by shopping at a supermarket selling non-brand items. Assuming that the main income provider earns $15/hour after tax. This $200 equates to 13 hours work per month. Over a year almost 20 working days income could be saved by shopping elsewhere.

Household Budget

So earn some passive income by reviewing your monthly expenses.

  • Shop at non-brand stores
  • Buy groceries in bulk
  • Compare costs of utility providers
  • Buy a fuel efficiency vehicle
  • Take a pack lunch to work rather than buying fast food
  • Take a coffee flask (sorry Mr. Horton)
  • Do the kids really need a cell phone? They didn’t 20 years ago
  • Stick to a budget
  • Go on holiday to somewhere local.
  • Consider a new mortgage even if there are associated penalties.

Here at Credit Queen, we are dedicated to helping re-establish or preserving your credit rating in anyway possible. I am hoping this can give some guidance to those who are looking closely at their household budget. We are always glad to help.

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