Financial Planner in the Lower Mainland BC

Why I Do What I Do

I am one of the fortunate ones. I was blessed to grow up in a home where I felt safe and secure on a daily basis. I always knew I could count on my parents and brother, never worried about not having food in the fridge and never went without my needs and a majority of my wants, being met.

In 2009 I travelled on my own to South East Asia, starting in Singapore and making my way north through many countries until I reached Cambodia. One evening I was fortunate enough to dine with an ex-Khmer Rouge Child Soldier and his family-by this I mean his wife and kids, his in-laws, siblings and their families as they all lived together. While this in and of itself amazed me as I realized the 20+ people all shared this one home, the heart of this gentleman touched me more. He did not grow up feeling safe or secure. He had lost his parents because of the war and had been forced to participate in the revolution under Pol Pot. Now, grown up and with a family of his own, he works very hard during the day to provide for his family, but also to the other children in the neighbourhood. He explained that without learning English, the children of his neighbourhood would most likely stay there and be vulnerable. He spent his evenings teaching the children of the area who came from families that couldn’t otherwise educate them. He did this to allow for the possibility that one day, they and their families would feel safe and secure as well.

The reason I share this is because as Canadians, nothing is holding us back from feeling safe and secure in our home given the resources and help available. However, I know people constantly worry about paying their bills, losing their home, taking care of their parents and funding their children’s tuition, as well as their retirement. My name is Jacqueline Marti and I am a Financial Planner. Family by family, I strive to help people sleep better at night by knowing their bills are being paid, they are saving for emergencies, won’t miss a paycheck in the event of an illness and can retire happily and comfortably when they want to. With proper planning, all these things are manageable. This is Why I do, What I do

Why Do You Need a Financial Planner?

Most people go through their 30′s, 40′s and early 50′s living life, saving money into an RSP and paying their monthly mortgage insurance. You might have a balance on your line of credit or if you’re lucky, have additional savings in your Tax Free Savings Account. That common system has been advertised as the way to prepare for retirement and it’s probably what your parents did to prepare for their retirement- no help necessary.

But let me let you in on a little secret… There are better, easier, more effective ways to do it. RSP’s aren’t for everyone and you might not actually have a need for life insurance.

The only way to really find out what strategies you actually need is through a lot of homework or a quality Financial Planner who has integrity. I stress this point because like there are mechanics of varying integrity levels, so are there Financial Planners.

How much free time do you really have? If you are like most of my clients you work full time, are responsible for filling your fridge, doing the laundry, keeping track of your children (and even sometimes their children) and have a whole list of things to do in any given week. At the end of the week you aren’t sitting down to review what the stock market did, rebalancing your portfolio, evaluating your insurance needs or calculating when you can actually retire- specifically in order to retire comfortably. That’s OK!

Before any money is moved or any insurance is applied for, I take clients through a detailed and personal financial planning process. This process looks at every aspect of your financial situation to see what areas you are already doing right but also identifies the areas where you have opportunity. Most importantly, YOU tell ME what your individual and family goals are. I can make suggestions on the potential cost of some items but it is not my financial plan and therefore shouldn’t reflect what I think should be important- it only reflects what you know is important.

If you think you’re making all the right choices already, please give me a call. The worst thing that could come of a conversation would be the confirmation that you’re right! I’d love nothing more than to confirm you’re on the right track and eradicate any niggles of doubt you might have. If I do happen to find some areas of opportunity, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing either.

I can be contacted directly at 604.788.5227. I look forward to hearing from you.