Bad or No Credit Car Loans

Credit Queen is an automotive financing company that provides auto loans for anyone with good, bad, or no credit, meaning a first time buyer. An automotive loan is the next best thing to a mortgage. We typically have an array of prime and none prime lenders to choose from to provide you with the best rate possible.

At Credit Queen Automotive Financing

We have a service to specifically help people with challenged credit or no credit, perhaps new in the country. We are dedicated to re-establishing your credit rating with an auto loan. There are different reasons why this is important. Firstly, it is difficult to access a loan with your traditional lender if your credit isn’t perfect. Secondly, your interest rate will always be higher with less than perfect credit unless you re-establish. Thirdly, we live in a credit environment where it is more often required to pay by credit nowadays.

Automotive Financing and Other Services

The other service we have is providing you with the vehicle that matches the amount you qualify for. Depending on the amount, we have access to all makes and models. Import and domestic vehicles. We listen to your automotive financing needs and provide you with a reliable vehicle and a monthly payment and term that fits your budget.

In order to qualify one must be in a full time position. hence our saying “you work, you drive” a minimum income of $2000 monthly. We provide loans for people 3 months into bankruptcy and 6 months into credit proposal or credit counselling. If you are needing a vehicle and have good, bad or no credit.…we can help!