Auto Financial Planning BC

Financial Planning BC

Credit Queen offers its services exclusively here in British Columbia. For those who aren’t familiar with who we are, we provide financing for auto loans. We cater to all three credit types. Prime, Near Prime, and Sub Prime. We have recently decided to extend our services to helping people with not only acquiring an auto loan and helping re-establish credit, but are now actively recommending the possibility of financial planning, for those who are interested in a long-term goal, to help them along with the credit re-building. We find the need to direct people to further avenues of credit rebuilding so our clients can further benefit. Financial Planning is something we started recommending to both new and established customers. We would recommend the services of one of our trusted professional financial advisor to give the consultation and guidance required. This will hopefully take our clients to the next level and provide a more solid ground with their finances so they can have a plan in place to help meet their future financial goals.

Financial Planning

This added service can benefit all credit types but only for those who have the desire to have a long-term financial plan. It can help with budgeting to successfully acquire a nest egg where one might not have an idea of how to go about one. It hopefully take procrastination out completely when there is a professional available to guide you.

This seemed like a natural turn for Credit Queen to take as it falls within the one on one service that we take great care in delivering. We are more than happy to direct you to a qualified and trusted professional for guidance.

Financial Planning and its benefits

Some of the benefits of financial planning are:

  • Knowing exactly your monthly budget.
  • Starting a savings account or starting an investment portfolio to help with retirement.
  • Acquiring the discipline with regards to spending and budgeting for the future.
  • Having some cash reserves to better prepare for the unforeseen will avoid being in the bad credit situation again.

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