Should You Buy A Prepaid Maintenance Plan?

Should You Buy A Prepaid Maintenance Plan?

Mechanical Inspection

A prepaid maintenance plan is a scheduled service plan listed in your owner’s car manual. It is sold in advance and usually at a discount. The plan is good for a certain amount of time or kilometers. This is often sold at the point of purchase of your new or pre-owned vehicle. Purchasing a prepaid maintenance plan is a convenient way to protect your investment. This service provides peace of mind and convenience for the customer. For the dealer, offering a prepaid maintenance plan ensures a continuing customer relationship by moving the customer experience to the service department.

Benefits of A Prepaid Maintenance Plan

In order to keep your vehicle running like new, The timely care of your vehicle is the main benefit of a prepaid maintenance plan.  The plan is backed by the automaker with certified shop mechanics working on your vehicle. You also get the courtesy call for each scheduled service.maintenance which is one less thing to remember. The prepaid plan does not cover wear and tear but will cover services not included in you factory warranty such as oil and filter changes.There are no out of pocket expenses for the duration of the plan and you simply bring your vehicle in for service. This one-time purchase protects you from future rising service cost. Another benefit is having service records for any future warranty claims.

Should You Purchase A Pre-paid Maintenance Plan

Do some research to see if the plan is right for you. Research the out of pocket cost for each interval service on their own to compare the value. Find out if the service intervals match your vehicle needs. Know that there is a time and kilometer restrictions for the maintenance plan, therefore, you will want to know if this works with your annual kilometer usage. Lastly, for your convenience, find out if you are limited to dealing with the selling dealer for the service. If you are financing the maintenance plan along with your auto loan, know that the cost of the plan will also have interest charges.



Understanding Credit Score And What It Means To A Lender

Credit Score words on puzzle pieces as factors in your rating -Credit Score and what it means to a bad credit auto loan

Here in Canada we use equifax or Trans Union as the main credit reporting agencies. A credit score is the sum of the activities on your credit report or credit bureau. It is a breakdown of your credit report performance  usually in the last 7 years. The activity on your report is what determines your credit score. Your credit lenders  report to the credit bureau the month to month activities, on how well you are meeting your monthly obligations. How you are paying back a revolving credit (credit cards) or installment loan(s) will determine your score.  Other factors are collections, judgement, bankruptcy or family maintenance reporting to the credit bureau. But the most common of all are the monthly obligations.

Late Payments And Your Credit Score

Having seen so many credit bureaus over the years, some people don’t realize the importance of making your payments on time as agreed. This oversight is very common. Some seem to think the late part of  a payment doesn’t matter as long as they are making the payments. Making your payments outside of that time frame will actually hurting their credit and lower their credit score. This would often be referred to as a “slow payer”. Making late payments may keep the collections department at bay but this will report on your credit bureau and reflect directly on your credit score. Making the minimum payment on time is  better than a late payment.  A late payment pattern, if consistent will affect your  future chances of qualifying for a new credit or a higher credit limit and will ultimately give you a lower credit score.

When shopping for a bad credit auto loan, you may still qualify however, the first thing this will affect is the interest rate.

Improving Your Credit Score

To preserve a good credit score will require a close eye on your credit bureau. Some people don’t have any idea that there is a collection action on their credit bureau. For this reason, do not give  out or lend your credit to anyone. Try not to be a shopper and refrain from getting too many credit inquires on your bureau. Avoid applying for more credit. Be selective on who you give your credit information to. Limit yourself to a maximum of two credit cards if possible, keeping your balances low or none existent. Make your monthly payments on revolving or installment loans on time. This is where a lender can see a clear pattern when reviewing your credit report. The credit score and the behavior they see on your credit report is the behavior they will assume you have if you were to be granted more credit.




Auto Loan For New Immigrants In BC

Auto Loan for New Immigrants in BC

Auto Loan For New Immigrants In BC

Auto loan for new immigrants in BC is possible when you are new to the country. New immigrants are faced with initial challenges and acquiring an auto loan is no exception. Typically, the lack of credit history will get you declined with most banks. Nowadays however, there are some lenders who are making exceptions with certain conditions that depend on your current immigration status and employment.

Auto Loan for New Immigrants in BC

If you are a new immigrant who’s SIN number starts with a 9, you could also qualify for an auto loan. However, the term of the loan will only be for the same time as the working permit.  In addition, you will likely require a down payment along with having full-time employment. Not everybody who is qualified to sell a car will necessarily have the means or know how to help get you the loan so, It would be wise to consult with an auto credit specialist instead to increase your chances for an approval.

Auto Loan for New Immigrants

Another type of financing sometimes offered by auto dealers is called an in house financing. This is only offered through a dealership. Basically, the dealer is privately loaning you the money to purchase a vehicle on their lot. Like a lender, they will dictate the term, and interest rate for the loan. This type of financing is rarely available and only as a last resort. Note that not all dealers that offer in house financing report the loan to the credit bureau.  If ever you are offered an in house finance, it’s important that the auto loan is reported to the credit bureau so you can start establishing credit. A way for future lenders to see you have the ability to meet your monthly obligations.


British Columbia Auto Financing With An Auto Credit Specialist


British Columbia Auto Financing With An Auto Credit Specialist

British Columbia Auto Financing









British Columbia Auto Financing is our business. We exclusively serve all British Columbians for their auto financing needs. Regardless of your credit rating, good, bad, or no credit. As an auto credit specialist  our sole business is to get you the best approval for auto financing. Setting our sights in helping you re-establish credit in hope to further assist in your future auto loan needs. With the help of an auto credit specialist, getting approved is really not as bad as you think. The process can be effortless when utelizing our lender partners.

Are you wanting to get a new or used car but hesitant because of bad credit?  Or maybe you need something bigger like a truck, suv or a van?  Start by booking a free consultation to discuss how we can help you. If your credit is good, we can help just the same by giving you other lender options for a best reult auto financing. getting you the best rate and monthy payment for the new or pre owned vehicle. With access to a large inventory of vehcles both new and used, It truly is a one stop shop.

Bad Credit Auto Financing

Our website is home to people for bad credit auto financing in BC.  All bad credit senerio’s are different and  we have auto financing solutions that you can explore with the a free consultation. There is truly no circumstance we can’t help!. At the very least, we can give you sound advice to get you on the right path to re-establishing your credit. The one thing that is necessary however is a full time employment or secured income. That’s it!  Auto financing means no more hitching a ride to work, or taking public transit. And maybe for some people  what it means is finally getting a vehicle with enough room for the whole family!. We help you afford the convenience or necessity that help you make life even better.

 Auto Financing BC

Auto financing for both new and used are available.  Credit Queen works with an array of lenders who offer the lowest subvented rates for auto financing.  All you have to do is apply and we do the rest. Call us for a free consultation to discuss your auto loan needs. We find you the best rate and lowest monthly payment possible. its truly auto financing at its best.



Buying A Used Car With Bad Credit Car Loan

buying used cars

Buying A Used Car With A Bad Credit Car Loan

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a used car with bad credit car loans. It is always wiser to know exactly what you are looking to buy before visiting a dealership. I say this just to help you avoid buying a used car you may regret later on. Knowing what features and functionality you require, from the seating capacity to the fuel economy of a used car. For starters, this will narrow down the choices that could be presented to you, allowing you to stay in control when dealing with a car salesperson. Having an idea of what the market value is for the specific used car you are looking to buy is always a good idea.

Used cars have to pass a safety report before it can be sold by a dealer to the public. You should always ask to see the Carfax or Carproof to confirm the used cars‘ history. One of the things the report will reveal is how many previous owners the vehicle has had. Along with one of these reports, you should also ask to see a safety report. This report is conducted by the selling dealer, and It is government standard that used cars must pass a safety report prior to resale. This report will also show what type of work if any was done by the selling dealer example, oil change, tire rotation or any minor or major part replacements. In addition, this report will reveal to you the condition of each operating part of the used car.

Buying Used Cars In BC

Here are the four major questions you want to ask in buying used cars in BC

1) Does the vehicle have any reported declaration. In other words, has the vehicle been in an accident and if so, you want to know how big the damage was. The amount reported for repairs will help determine if it’s a structural damage or not. How many times the vehicle has been in an accident and again you will see the cost of repairs to see the severity of each accident. Sometimes the declaration report from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia ( ICBC) will show a declaration but no details. This means ICBC was informed of damages but there was no claims made to the insurance company.

2) Is the vehicle an out of province – did the vehicle come from back east or is it a local vehicle. Due to the snow and salt factor for example, local used cars are always preferred. This is important to know because sometimes the damage from excessive exposure to salt for example is not always visible.

3) Is it an ex lease or an ex rental – people are interested to know this because of the wear and tear factor. Obviously, used cars from a private owner will suggest less wear and tear than an ex rental or ex lease.

4) Is the used car a rebuild – this is always something you should check if you are a cash buyer. I say cash because a rebuild does not typically qualify for financing and since this information must be disclosed to the lending institutions, this is likely a cash purchase and you should be vigilant if you are a cash buyer.

Used Cars BC

Once you have chosen a used car to purchase, you should find out exactly what the manufacturer’s warranty is on that particular make, year and model. Manufacturer’s warranty usually vary in terms for coverage and this information is easy to find on the internet. This could avoid you signing up for extended warranty that you may not need or the reverse and make you aware of your need for extended warranty. Always find out when the next scheduled maintenance service is so you can continue on with preserving your investment.

My name is Joanne and I’m an Auto Credit Specialist. thank you for stopping by. I hope this information I provided helps you in some way when buying used cars with bad credit. Feel free to leave me your email in the subscribe section to get useful information pertaining to automotive loans. Fill out our application form now to qualify for a free consultation.

Searching For The Lowest Interest Rate

Search For Lowest Interest Rate

Searching for the Lowest Interest Rate

 Searching for the lowest interest rate when dealing with bad credit is very much a part of the process when applying for an auto loan. We often get customers calls inquiring about getting the lowest interest rates when looking to finance a car with bad credit.  The answer is….it all depends on  several key factors that will determine your rate and these include;

Job Stability – most lenders require a minimum of 3 months on the job. Reason for that is most employers have a 3 month probation period. The longer the job stability, the better your chances for a lower interest rate.

Previous/current credit history inquiries to your credit bureau can increase your interest rate. Shopping around from dealer to dealer will only lower your overall beacon score. Finding and sticking to one dealer before giving them the authority to do a credit check can avoid numerous inquiries hence a lower interest rate.

How To Search For the Lowest Interest Rate

Credit Bureau- for people with current credit issues, consult with an auto credit specialist that will work with you from start to finish. This will not only make the experience less stressful but also get you the lowest interest rate possible. A credit specialist can in most situations serve you better as they not only work on your behalf but have the experience and the lender partners to get you the best rate you deserve. It’s key to have someone with a set of trained eyes helping you negotiate the best rate.

Searching for the lowest Interest Rate

Call us to see what you qualify for would be a good start in your search for the lowest interest rate. If you are currently in a high interest rate auto loan and are making your payments on time, we can revisit your loan and look at the possibility of switching you into a lower rate auto loan. A consultation is free and we are always glad to help. Apply now to see how we can lower your auto loan interest rate.

We serve all of British Columbia

Click the link below to get the lowest possible interest rate for your bad credit auto loan.

Auto Credit Specialist BC









Overcoming Bad Credit With An Auto Loan Salmon Arm

Overcoming Bad Credit With An Auto Loan

auto finance for bad credit BC - Credit Queen
Overcoming bad credit with an auto loan








The fastes and surest way to overcoming bad credit with an auto loan. If you are in the market for a vehicle and your credit isn’t perfect, no problem! Nowadays, The people of Salmon Arm know  there’s no shame in getting a bad credit rating anymore because unforseen situations happen to good people. If you have gone through something dificult that has put your credit rating in a bad situation causing financinal dificulties then this page is for you. Surviving it and crawling from under it, albeit with some difficulty. Bad credit rating shouldn’t prevent you from getting a vehicle if that’s what you need. The first step is to find a auto credit specialist BC to help you overcome your bad credit rating with an auto loan. 

 How to Overcome Bad Credit With An Auto Loan

Not long ago, overcoming a bad credit rating was harder and took longer to overcome. This was due to the fact that no one was willing to lend you more than a few hundred dollars if any.  It took a long time to overcome bad credit with short-term borrowing to help improve a bad credit rating. Big ticket items such as a vehicle almost always required a co signer. and while you’re in the process of redeeming yourself, you couldn’t get a loan for housing, cars, and other emergencies. Nowadays, with the help of an auto credit specialist you can get approved for a car loan to overcome your bad credit rating. We are an auto credit specialist who work closely with lenders specializing in bad credit car loans and we find ways to determine your credability.

Getting Help In Overcoming Bad Credit

As I mentioned, life happens and sometimes that means unfortunate things to good people. Wether it be a job loss, divorce, or health issues for example. But getting back up on your feet with your credit can now be painless. As a working professional, you can dust yourself off and start a new. Overcoming bad credit with an auto loan.

Perhaps now you can confidently get that job you wanted but couldnt because you didnt have a vehicle. Or maybe put an end to hitching a ride to wotrk with a co workers. Its possible, but even better, getting a vehicle that serves you and your family that you can all enjoy. All the while rebuilding your credit with the lowest possible rate and a monthly payment you can afford. Putting bad credit rating behind you once and for all.

Most people in need of an auto loan often jump into the first good deal they see without thinking about the payment terms and the fine print that goes along with the loan. Having accessible professional advice can prevent that. Furhermore, when choosing a vehicle, the focus is on your preference for a vehicle and not a dealerships. While your goal may be to get approved for a car loan easily, the real goal is to find a deal that’s easy to pay off as well. Affordability not only gives you peace of mind, it also steers your bad credit rating in the right direction and financiall leaving room to further re establish your credit rating.

Apply now and get a same day approval or get in touch for a free consultation.






Bad Credit Auto Loans Same Day Approval

Bad Credit Auto Loans BC Same Day Approval Checklist

Bad credit auto loans bc same day approval require 3 simple steps in order to apply with confidence and get an approval.


bad credit auto loans bc
Same day approval checklist

The first step to a successful bad credit auto loans application is having a job. That’s right! you must be gainfully employed. At the very least, you must have provable sources of income. This is an obvious requirement to pay back the loan. So if you are employed, then perfect!. If you are new to the job, you should be in it for a minimum of 3 months before applying unless the job is lateral to your previous employment. In which case the less than three months might be acceptable. The probationary can be waived if your employer can confirm there is no probationary period.  Combined sources of income from employment or otherwise are subject to a minimum requirement.

Proof of Income is almost always required for bad credit auto loans. So be prepared to prove all your income sources. Say you have more than just your employment income, then providing proof for your other income sources can also benefit you. If your full time employment meets the minimum income requirement, then proving additional income is optional. However, the more income you can prove, the better. Some common examples are, part time jobs, pensions, court ordered child support, rental income. There may be others that cant be qualified as other income but these ones are the norm. I’ts also important that your proof of income is within  the 30 days. Producing these documents right from the start  is when we the auto credit specialist can negotiate best. Having all our ducks in a row  increases your chances and expedites your application.

Second On The Bad Credit Auto Loans Checklist

With a Bad Credit Auto Loan, having a valid Driver’s License is a must if you’re a single applicant. Just as its important for employment. You need to have a valid driver’s licence and be age of majority to apply. This is number two and pretty straight forward. For the first time buyers or no credit applications, a learners license is not accepted by all lenders so apply with caution. However, a novice is widely accepted as long as its valid.

Third Item On The Bad Credit Auto Loans Checklist

Getting an updated version of your credit bureau . Check it thoroughly for any inconsistencies if any so you have a chance to address them. Doing so helps the chance of a lower interest rates.  Make sure you are aware of everything that has been reported and that it is accurate. We gather the pertinent information reporting on your bureau to best structure an auto loan. So if you can readily answer questions to provide the when’s and the why’s in the event we need further clarification with a previous reporting.

 And highly recommended is to consult with an auto credit specialist. We definately to work harder for you to get the best approval. I mean, who better to trust than an expert! An auto credit specialist can find you the best deal overall  based on your income and stability. The vision is for a long term relationship where helping you rebuild your credit is part of our strategy for a bad credit auto loans bc


How to Get a Car Loan with Bad Credit in BC

Are you having any of these problems? Credit Queen can Help!

Bad Credit/No Credit

Bad credit doesn’t have to prevent you from getting a car you love. Learn More about Auto Financing with Bad Credit.


Bankruptcy can be overcome! Learn about Bankruptcy and how it affects your ability to get a loan.


Challenged credit due to divorce? Learn how Credit Queen can help.


Don’t let Collections stand in the way of your new auto loan.

Credit Repair

A car loan is a great way to start rebuilding your credit. Learn more about re-establishing your credit.

First-Time Buyer

Learn how Credit Queen Auto Financing Specialist can help you make your first-time purchase.

The Key to our Sub-Prime Approach:

The key to our success in providing auto loans to anyone in British Columbia is the one on one service which we take care in delivering. Over twenty years experience in customer service, sales and sub-prime financing combined, enables us to offer extensive knowledge in the financing and re-establishing of challenged credit.
In order for us to provide our customers with the best auto loans, trust and integrity are our over-riding principles which guide our business. We find out about our clients and truly understand their auto loan needs. We then structure a loan that is customized providing you with the right vehicle that offers a comfortable term and monthly payment.

“It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit, good credit, no credit or bankruptcy. We do it all!”

To date, we have assisted thousands of satisfied clients throughout BC’s Lower Mainland regain their credit with our car loans. Leverage our knowledge and expertise today, apply now!

Car Loan No Credit BC - Credit Queen
We deal with all Makes and Models including: Chevrolet, Ford, Lincoln, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, Mazda, Acura, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Saturn, Saab, Toyota, Nissan Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, BMW, VW, Volvo and Honda.

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Car Maintenance Tips

Winter Car Maintenance Tips

It’s that time of year with winter season around the corner. Different vehicles have their individual car maintenance schedules developed by the manufacturer which you can normally find in your glove box. But here are some general information provided by Car Care Canada to ensure your vehicle is safe and sound for the winter.


Car Maintenance Tips

Check your tires. Car Care Canada suggests winter tires are a must. Motorists in much of the country face harsh weather conditions. Be prepared for that first snow storm or a quick drop in temperature.

Check your tire treads and pressure. Tire tread condition is crucial when driving on ice and snow. Make sure to check inflation also, make sure to check the tire pressure of the spare tire.

Cooling System. The cooling system is one of the most important things to watch in your vehicle during the winter time. There are two things: the concentration of the coolant and the amount. In most parts of Canada, a 50/50 mix of coolant, water keeps the coolant from freezing, lubricates the water pump and protects the cooling system from corrosion. In very cold areas, it may be necessary to increase the concentration of coolant. But never more than 30% water. Also, coolant should be flushed and refilled at least every 2 years in most vehicles.

Heaters, Defrosters and Wipers. Wiper blades that are cracked or torn, or that chatter, streak and don’t properly clean your windshield should be replaced. Some manufacturers offer special winter blades that have a rubber boot covering the arm assembly to keep snow and ice out. When changing the blades, have the windshield wiper system nozzles cleaned and adjusted if necessary and check the windshield washer reservoir in case it needs fluids.

Check Battery and Charging System for Optimum Performance. Very cold temperatures will reduce a vehicles’ battery power so its important to keep the connections clean, tight and corrosion-free. Unfortunately batteries don’t always give warning signs before they fail completely. If your vehicle’s battery is more than 3 years old, it’s wise to replace it. When choosing a replacement, make sure the new one has adequate capacity for your exact make and model.

Change Your Oil. Check the owner’s manual to see if you are considered “severe”. If so, have the oil changed accordingly. Usually every 5000-8000 kilometers. Note, most Canadians qualify for “severe” conditions, which means you drive in stop and go traffic, in mountainous terrain or other conditions that increase wear and tear on your vehicle. Have your service technician check the fuel, air, and transmission filters at the same time. Always consult your vehicle’s owners manual.

Keep Your Gas Tank at Least Half Full. This tip limits condensation in your tank and reduces gas-line freezing. Adding a little gasoline anti freeze every second fill up will also help prevent gas line freezing.

Check The Brakes. This breaking system is the vehicle’s most important safety item and brakes are a normal wear and tear item that sooner or later will need to be replaced.

Check The Exhaust System For Carbon Monoxide Leaks. Leaks can be especially dangerous during cold weather driving when windows are closed. Regular exhaust system checks are critical to maintain a safe vehicle.

Car Maintenance Tips

Lastly, on tips on car maintenance, an annual vehicle inspection can detect a problem before it turns into a costly expenditure. Safety hazard or even worse a terminal illness.

By: Car Care Canada.

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