Should You Buy A Prepaid Maintenance Plan?

Mechanical Inspection

A prepaid maintenance plan is a scheduled service plan listed in your owner’s car manual. It is sold in advance and usually at a discount. The plan is good for a certain amount of time or kilometers. This is often sold at the point of purchase of your new or pre-owned vehicle. Purchasing a prepaid maintenance plan is a convenient way to protect your investment. This service provides peace of mind and convenience for the customer. For the dealer, offering a prepaid maintenance plan ensures a continuing customer relationship by moving the customer experience to the service department.

Benefits of A Prepaid Maintenance Plan

In order to keep your vehicle running like new, The timely care of your vehicle is the main benefit of a prepaid maintenance plan.  The plan is backed by the automaker with certified shop mechanics working on your vehicle. You also get the courtesy call for each scheduled service.maintenance which is one less thing to remember. The prepaid plan does not cover wear and tear but will cover services not included in you factory warranty such as oil and filter changes.There are no out of pocket expenses for the duration of the plan and you simply bring your vehicle in for service. This one-time purchase protects you from future rising service cost. Another benefit is having service records for any future warranty claims.

Should You Purchase A Pre-paid Maintenance Plan

Do some research to see if the plan is right for you. Research the out of pocket cost for each interval service on their own to compare the value. Find out if the service intervals match your vehicle needs. Know that there is a time and kilometer restrictions for the maintenance plan, therefore, you will want to know if this works with your annual kilometer usage. Lastly, for your convenience, find out if you are limited to dealing with the selling dealer for the service. If you are financing the maintenance plan along with your auto loan, know that the cost of the plan will also have interest charges.