Bad Credit Auto Loans BC Same Day Approval Checklist

Bad credit auto loans bc same day approval require 3 simple steps in order to apply with confidence and get an approval.


bad credit auto loans bc
Same day approval checklist

The first step to a successful bad credit auto loans application is having a job. That’s right! you must be gainfully employed. At the very least, you must have provable sources of income. This is an obvious requirement to pay back the loan. So if you are employed, then perfect!. If you are new to the job, you should be in it for a minimum of 3 months before applying unless the job is lateral to your previous employment. In which case the less than three months might be acceptable. The probationary can be waived if your employer can confirm there is no probationary period.  Combined sources of income from employment or otherwise are subject to a minimum requirement.

Proof of Income is almost always required for bad credit auto loans. So be prepared to prove all your income sources. Say you have more than just your employment income, then providing proof for your other income sources can also benefit you. If your full time employment meets the minimum income requirement, then proving additional income is optional. However, the more income you can prove, the better. Some common examples are, part time jobs, pensions, court ordered child support, rental income. There may be others that cant be qualified as other income but these ones are the norm. I’ts also important that your proof of income is within  the 30 days. Producing these documents right from the start  is when we the auto credit specialist can negotiate best. Having all our ducks in a row  increases your chances and expedites your application.

Second On The Bad Credit Auto Loans Checklist

With a Bad Credit Auto Loan, having a valid Driver’s License is a must if you’re a single applicant. Just as its important for employment. You need to have a valid driver’s licence and be age of majority to apply. This is number two and pretty straight forward. For the first time buyers or no credit applications, a learners license is not accepted by all lenders so apply with caution. However, a novice is widely accepted as long as its valid.

Third Item On The Bad Credit Auto Loans Checklist

Getting an updated version of your credit bureau . Check it thoroughly for any inconsistencies if any so you have a chance to address them. Doing so helps the chance of a lower interest rates.  Make sure you are aware of everything that has been reported and that it is accurate. We gather the pertinent information reporting on your bureau to best structure an auto loan. So if you can readily answer questions to provide the when’s and the why’s in the event we need further clarification with a previous reporting.

 And highly recommended is to consult with an auto credit specialist. We definately to work harder for you to get the best approval. I mean, who better to trust than an expert! An auto credit specialist can find you the best deal overall  based on your income and stability. The vision is for a long term relationship where helping you rebuild your credit is part of our strategy for a bad credit auto loans bc