Auto Financing Chilliwack 

We bring Auto financing Chilliwack to it’s residents. We are here to help you when you are feeling hopeless. You have a job but no vehicle? It’s typically unthinkable that if you have no car and bad credit that getting an auto loan is out of the question. That might very well be the case anywhere else, but not with us at Credit Queen Auto Financing in BC. We serve faithfully to all British Columbians in helping them get great deals when getting a vehicles they need for work or play.

Auto Financing Chilliwack
New or Used Auto Financing

Auto financing Chilliwack for working professionals!. In other words “If you work, you drive.” We stand honorably behind that slogan and whether you’ve got good, bad or no credit we have something to offer you. Are you a first time buyer? If so, no problem! Regarding first time customers you have nothing to worry about. If you’re interested then what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate! Our associates are standing by just waiting for you to give us a call. You might now be asking, “do I qualifiy for an auto finance? ” If you are working and are receiving a sizable monthly salary, then you can give us a call and we will discuss and affirm that you do indeed qualify. If you are wondering how to qualify for an auto finance, apply now and we can discuss the process.  When that is complete then we will get back to you the very same day and be more than happy to share with you the thrilling news that you qualify for our assistance.

Auto Financing Chilliwack

We have over 20 years of B.C. Automotive experience in sub-prime financing, customers service and sales all incorporated. The expertise that we have gained through our experiences is second to none. We provide comprehensive awareness in re-implementing challenged credit and financing. At Credit Queen Auto Financing, we lead the way in credibility and trust that always delivers to our customers the best auto plans on the market.

With each and every client we have ever served, we know how to make them feel right at home because we treat them as though they were the only client we have. A perfect family atmosphere is what you will feel when you first walk through our doors. We get to know our valued customers very well so in turn we can supply them with the finest customized loan and financing in B.C. that assures them of the most suitable vehicle and at a soothing term with monthly installments. Rest assured that authorization rate is 99% to those showing corroboration of a monthly gross income of $2200 per month and are working full-time.

Auto Financing  a New Beginning

Do not read this fantastic opportunity and let it pass you by. If you want someone reliable with many years in the business then you can count on us. There is simply no substitute for experience in this business. We welcome you with open arms and will be more than happy to get you the best only for your desire and need. Please pick up that phone and call us right away. We are waiting just for you!