Joanne dela Cruz
Auto Credit Specialist

Auto Credit Specialist For Bad Credit Car Loans

My name is Joanne dela Cruz and I’m an Auto Credit Specialist For Bad Credit Car Loans.  Over the years,I have helped many British Columbians acquire an auto loan.  From a variety of applicants with credit scores ranging form prime to non prime. Specializing in the non prime space  because of the growing numbers in bad credit car loan applications today. I can empathize with  bad credit applicants because I too have gone through a bad credit in my early years of adulthood, I know first hand the benefits of an auto loan as the quickest way to re-establish credit. If you’ve had an unforseen circustance that has resulted in your bad credit, then an Auto Credit Specialist can help you best with your auto loan needs.

Establish or Re- establish your Credit

 Establishing or re-establishing your credit is just part of a bad credit car loan .But in order to establish or re-establish your credit successfully, your monthly payments have to be in line with your affordability.  And yes, this is stating the obvious, but not so obvious when you are  making an emotional purchasing decision based on want and not need. This happens more often when dealing with a car salesperson who is unaware of your current credit issues. Its important  therefore to seek the help of an auto credit specialist  to get the balance between what you want and need in a vehicle and your affordability.

Applying with an Auto Credit Specialist

If you live in British Columbia, this is your one stop shop for an auto credit specialist  Not only do I focus on the best financing outcome for you, I focus just the same on getting you the right vehicle through our access to inventory with our dealer partners. Apply online  to get started or click here for a free consultation.